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Mar. 16th, 2009

Ben/Gwen Ben10 I do Belive

Back to Bwen...

I watched Resident Evil Extinction some weeks ago and I started to work with ClairxCarlos and K-martxMikey. It was fun but...it didn't last long.The inspiration invaded my mind and natsu_z and I started the project "Pieces of Me" [Bwen]. Well, Hil is back!!I'll try to post more oftenly , I got a new job so I'm a little tired, but I'm here!

Feb. 14th, 2009

K-Mikey RE3

You Tube Problems...

Happy Valentine's!!! YAY! I have a brand new obsession: K-Mart x Mikey [K-Mikey] from Resident Evil Extinction. I was watching the movie by the 7th time I had a great idea so I started my musicvid project, everything was going just fine until the uploading on Youtube! That was lame!! The stupid "copyright policy" of Youtube blocked my video!! Just because of an inoffensive song?Come on! Well, I wanted to share it anyway!! And here it is!! Such a bad quality, but it's worth seeing!^^
Click Here to Watch!!

Dec. 28th, 2008

Ruki priceless black  blue GazettE J-Roc

Happy New Year!!

   Hey!! I'm back!! After a lot of xmas confusions and celebrations and my High School graduation, I'm posting again!!  Well, 2009 is coming up and I have some plans.... I'll try to make a new BxG vid or an Anti-Kevin one, to celebrate the new year, but I won't promise it 'cause my aunt is coming to visit the family and the beaches we live close to. ( Yes, here in Brazil, is summer and guess where we celebrate the New Year? Yep. Beach Time! )
See ya Next Year!!

Oct. 11th, 2008

Ben/Gwen Ben10 I do Belive

TheSims2 and other crap...

Hi There!!Well, there's a long,loong,looong time I don't post here, but I'm alive, ok? u.ú
I've been busy with some school stuff and I downloaded some clothes and accessories to play TheSims2 and just forgot everything else...^^' haha
But, I'm back!! My grades aren't exactly great...but I won't be reproved. Coming soon on Youtube, my newest project: When I'm gone [BxG] Check it out!!

P.S - Vicktor is a complete Sim from Digital Perversion
Her Clothes, make up and Hair are from D.P too.

all rights reserved! I own nothing! 

Jul. 13th, 2008

Ruki priceless black  blue GazettE J-Roc

My OTP from School of Rock

Hey! I'm posting to say "Hi!" and share my new SoR Music vids. Both are shipping Freddy/Summer, and one of them is to celebrate my 2 years on YouTube ^^ Hope you like it!


Jul. 6th, 2008

Ben/Gwen Ben10 I do Belive

(no subject)

Hi There ^-^
I can barely watch Ben10 AF : Kevin crush on Gwen, and Gwen crushing on Kevin! eww! But, it's Ben's show, not Kevin's! So, I won't give up on BenxGwen, because Ben is still here!! ò.ó 
I made some vids and uploaded them on you tube. Check it out:

Jul. 4th, 2008

Ruki priceless black  blue GazettE J-Roc

New Journal, Old Girl...

Hey people ^^ This is my new LiveJournal!!But I'm not new here...I was hilaryth, but my LJ cuts never worked and the community mods were mad at me T.T 
But now, I'm Tsu ^^ ( and hope my cuts work now ^^'), if you like, you can all me Hil, anyway...well, hello again LJ!!